Wellington Intensive Care Unit

Te Rui Atawhai



The staff in our Intensive Care Unit use many pieces of equipment to monitor, support and treat patients.
All devices must undergo stringent safety testing and are regularly serviced by the hospital's biomedical engineers.

Keeping equipment safe and up-to-date also requires a full-time nurse technician who works closely with the unit staff, providing education & support.

Some of the equipment in regular use is described below.

Bedside Monitor

We use GE monitoring with the touchscreen B850 at the bedside and two stations located centrally.

For portability we have four Dash & three Transport Pro monitors.
Hamilton G5 Ventilator

We currently use Hamilton ventilators:
  • G5 - standard bedside ventilator
  • C2 - portable ventilator
  • T1 - used for intrahospital transport
All our Hamilton ventilators use ASV as their default ventilation mode. This is an adaptive mode that adjusts ventilation depending on lung compliance, determined on a breath-by-breath basis. They also have a useful role in monitoring lung mechanics & neural function.
Prismaflex Renal Replacement Therapy Machine

We have four Gambro Prismaflex machines with CVVHDF as our default renal replacement mode. We also have four bed spaces plumbed for occasional usage by the dialysis service when patients are stable enough to tolerate rapid fluid & electrolyte exchanges.

We have two ultrasound machines. The Sonosite has vascular & basic echo capability. The newer Philips Sparq provides much higher imaging quality with both transthoracic & transoesophageal echo probes with additional curved & vascular probes for diagnostics and line insertion. The Sparq also has advanced needle imaging software to aid with line placement.
Sonosite Ultrasound Machine
Philips Sparq Ultrasound Machine
Olympus Bronchoscope

We have two McGrath MAC video laryngoscopes in addition to our selection of standard adult & paediatric intubating blades & i-gels.

We use two Olympus bronchoscopes for diagnostic purposes and percutaneous tracheostomy insertions.

Every intubated patient has closed suction from Kimberly Clark within their ventilator circuit.

Fisher & Paykel humidifiers provide the necessary temperature and humidity control.

We use Codman ICP Express for intracranial pressure monitoring.

We are also able to monitor EEG waveforms & BiSpectral Index continuously on certain patients.
Codman Intracranial Pressure Monitors
Infusion Pumps

We use Baxter infusion pumps & Alaris syringe drivers.

We have 18 bedspaces including four isolation rooms, each with at least 20 square metres of space. They are each equipped with Drager pendants, a Guldman ceiling hoist, computer & phone, a custom made Ambubag system, a custom made notes desk, supplies trolley, wash basin and wash trolley. The bed spaces are spacious and relatively autonomous.
New ICU Bedspaces
Empty bedspace

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