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The Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course was established in 2010 to provide local trainees with the chance to be tested by college examiners & to provide a practical framework upon which to consolidate their knowledge. It has since grown to include an eminent international faculty with trainees attending from all over New Zealand and Australia as well as Hong Kong and Singapore.

The course is run in two parallel streams to match the needs of candidates for whom the clinical exam is imminent, as well as provide guidance for those studying for the written component.

All courses are not-for-profit.

We aim to give all trainees the best possible chance of passing the Fellowship of Intensive Care Medicine exam on their first attempt.

For details of previous courses, please select from the relevant poster. Candidate feedback from previous end-of-course questionnaires is also shown below.

The First Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course


(details not available online)

The Second Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course


The Third Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course


Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course 2014


Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course 2015




  • Likelihood of Passing
    Course feedback 2013
  • The course had a great atmosphere and spirit, very supportive and encouraging. Factual content is not as important as strategic advice, which is hard to come by elsewhere. Timing of the course is great as most Australian ones are closer to the end of the year and having the advice early when starting to study is just gold! Thank you.
    Course feedback 2013
  • It was a FANTASTIC course - great organisation and relevant content. The fact that so many consultants gave up their time to participate is much appreciated. Thank you!
    Course feedback 2012
  • Clinical Hot Case rating
    Course feedback 2013
  • It was a tight course - crisp & focused on what we needed. Thanks. Much better than another course I also went to which was a bit wandery & waffley.
    Course feedback 2012
  • Clinical Viva ratings
    Course feedback 2013
  • 100% of respondents from the 2012 & the 2013 course stated that they would recommend this course to their colleagues.
    Course feedback 2012, 2013
  • Fantastic course. Really enjoyed the content and the social events were great… good to meet the faculty and other trainees.
    Course feedback 2012
  • My study will be much more appropriate, relevant and focussed. I found the course incredibly useful just for learning how to get stuck in to the study, where to look, what resources to use, how in depth to go.
    Course feedback 2013
  • All lectures on the 2013 course were rated by candidates between 3.1 & 3.9 on a 0 (poor) to 4 (excellent) scale.
    Course feedback 2013
  • You guys were awesome - so much better than (another) course because of the vibe, the atmosphere, the relaxedness of it all…
    Course feedback 2013
  • Big thanks for all your work. Found this very helpful. The vivas were excellent.
    Course feedback 2010
  • More, more!
    Course feedback 2013
  • An excellent course & faculty.
    Course feedback 2012


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