The College of Intensive Care Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting
The CICM ASM will be held in Wellington in 2013.

The theme of the conference is 'Down With Dogma - Challenging The Fundamentals of Critical Care'.
The status quo of current Intensive Care practice will be challenged by many eminent international speakers.
The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism
Sir William Osler


Professor Derek Angus (USA)
Dr. Charles Natanson (USA)
Professor Luciano Gattinoni (Italy)
Professor Rinaldo Bellomo (Australia)
Professor Bala Venkatesh (Australia)
Professor Simon Finfer (Australia)
Dr. Andrew Davies (Australia)
Dr. Steven Webb (Australia)
Dr. Andrew Hilton (Australia)
Professor Jeff Lipman (Australia)
Dr. Chris Nickson (Australia)
Dr. Oliver Flower (Australia)
Dr. John Morgan (Australia)
Professor Dianne Stephens (Australia)
Dr. Ross Freebairn (New Zealand)
Dr. David Galler (New Zealand)
Dr. Stephen Streat (New Zealand)

Down with Dogma CICM 2013 Wellington

Dr. Paul Young's introduction to the 2013 Wellington meeting, presented at the 2012 Melbourne CICM ASM


CICM ASM 2013 Early Bird Prize


CICM ASM 2013 Program Wellington

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The Coolest Little Capital In The World
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Oriental Parade
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Ferns Sculpture
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Kapiti Island
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The All Blacks Sign
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Oriental Parade Beach
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Queen Elizabeth Park
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Solace Of The Wind
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Stock Exchange Building
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Whale Tail
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The Rotunda
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Moonrise Over Hataitai
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Oriental Bay Fountain
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The Kaikoras From Ataturk Park
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Hot Air Balloons
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Black Sand Beach
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Civic Square
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Kaikoura Sunset
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Writers' Walk
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South Coast Moai
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Harbour Walkway
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Beach Sunset
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Green Hills
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Wellington Buildings
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Metal Fern
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Massey Memorial