Nurse Manager

The Nurse Manager has overall responsibility for the ICU, Flight, Trauma, Patient at Risk and Research services.

The Nurse Manager is the operational and professional lead for nurses across the service. In partnership with the Clinical Directors, the role focuses on supporting quality patient and whānau care, staff education and managing the ICU budget. The role is supported by two interim Charge Nurse Managers.

The Nurse Manager position is held by Stephen James, who can be contacted by email using the button below.


Clinical Nurse Specialists

Three Clinical Nurse Specialists contribute to nursing leadership, quality of care, and strategic development of the ICU. Clinically, they provide oversight of the ICU’s more complex and long-term patients, working with the ICU specialists and Multi-Disciplinary Team members to coordinate care, rehabilitation and progress.

The CNS team also oversee ICU policies and procedures, nursing care quality, documentation standards, workforce planning, change management and project roll-out.


Clinical Nurse Educators

CNEs deliver a wide range of education to all ICU nursing staff. They tailor orientation for all newly-hired nurses to meet their learning needs, and support ongoing competency by running monthly in-house ICU study days for local and regional colleagues.

CNEs work together with ICU ACNMs to ensure all staff appraisal and professional development requirements are met, and provide support to our 18 special-interest Focus Groups who contribute to quality projects in the unit. CNEs also coordinate external education, run regular interprofessional in-situ simulation training, and lead the team of Clinical Coaches, to ensure bedside support is provided to all nurses at all levels of practice in our diverse team.

Patient At Risk Clinical Nurse Specialist Sarah Imray
PAR CNS Sarah Imray

Patient At Risk

The PAR CNS leads a multi-skilled nursing team in helping care for a wide range of patients. They coordinate and manage a 24-hour Outreach service for all adult, paediatric, women's and mental health wards across the Wellington and Kenepuru campuses. The CNS provides professional & operational leadership to ensure the PAR service is clinically effective and operationally efficient. The CNS is responsible for team & service development, budget management, and quality improvement.

The service works with the hospital Patient Safety team to develop processes and policies. The CNS also provides clinical and operational guidance to 5 regional hospitals and, working as a board member of the New Zealand Critical Care Outreach Forum has developed the Operational Standards and Competencies for Critical Care Outreach Services that will provide the framework for implementation and delivery across the country.

Flight Clinical Nurse Specialist Sarah Rodgers
Flight CNS Sarah Rodgers

Aeromedical Retrieval

The Flight CNS is the nursing lead for the Wellington ICU flight service. The team carry out approximately 1000 adult & paediatric patient transfers every year. The CNS role oversees flight policies & processes, workforce planning, and quality improvement. The educational component supports new & existing flight nurses as well as providing flight simulation training with ICU doctors.

The CNS is supported by the Flight ACNM team who coordinate inter-hospital transfers and acute retrievals. They ensure patients can move safely between regional hospitals with an urgency appropriate to their level of need. The team work 24/7 with other flight services around New Zealand as well as aircraft providers, hospital bed managers, ward and ICU ACNMs and ICU specialists.

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