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The Wellington Intensive Care Clinical Information Database

Wellington Intensive Care Clinical Information Database
WICCID is a computer database written by Dr. Peter Hicks and, since May 2001, has been used to store information on all patients admitted to Wellington ICU.

It allows easy retrieval of demographic information, diagnostic codes, APACHE scores, therapeutic interventions, length-of-stay & length-of-ventilation data as well as overall unit occupancy.
All patients admitted for longer than 8 hours have APACHE scores calculated based on observed physiological parameters & laboratory results during the first 24 hours of their stay. Both APACHE II & APACHE III scores are calculated & are submitted to the Australian & New Zealand Intensive Care Society's Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation (ANZICS CORE) database.

All data extracted from the database is deidentified so that individual patients can not be determined. The pooled data provides important demographic and epidemiological data to guide Intensive Care planning, resources and research as well as providing tools to allow comparisons between individual units to be made.
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Recent additions have included a nursing discharge facility to improve the handover of patients who leave ICU for ward areas or other hospitals, and the Patient At Risk database which allows PAR nurses to follow-up on patients recently discharged from the unit as well as maintain data on patients they are referred. Since 2014, the database is also the primary data capture tool for all Medical Emergency Team activity within Wellington Regional Hospital and has replaced the older paper audit system.

The database produces the Intensive Care Daily Patient Report which is used by both the medical and nursing staff during handover to improve the accuracy of communicated medical information.
The database is written using Microsoft Access and is accessible from every bedspace in ICU as well as remotely using the hospital-wide Citrix virtual desktop.

As with all patient data systems within Wellington Hospital, information is password protected on a secure network to protect patient confidentiality. Access to the system is restricted to Wellington Intensive Care Unit staff only.

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Wellington Intensive Care Clinical Information Database