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The Acute Care Rotation is currently suspended. For all job enquiries use the 'Vacancies' button on this page.


Wellington ICU employs approximately 180 Staff Nurses working 12-hour shifts to provide around-the-clock care to the patients in our unit. The nursing ratio for Intensive Care patients is 1:1 and 1:2 for High Dependency patients.
Availability of jobs is variable. Expressions of interest or applications can be made by two means:
Wellington ICU has links with both Massey University & Whitireia, offering placement to undergraduate student nurses from both institutions.
All online enquiries for job vacancies can be made from the button to the right.
We also have close links to the graduate school of nursing at Victoria University with the school physically located on-site within Wellington Hospital and several members of ICU staff teaching on courses. More information on postgraduate study at Victoria University can be found here.
Wellington Intensive Care Nurses

Acute Care Rotation

The Acute Care Rotation currently consists of 3 nursing placements, each of 8 months duration run over a total of 2 years.
Any members of nursing staff within Capital & Coast District Health Board are able to apply; external applicants have also been successful previously.

Applicants are taken from nurses completing the NETP (Nursing Entry to Practice) programme or those who are in their first 2-3 years post-graduation who have a passion and skill in areas of acute care nursing.

Placements are allocated to three of the following specialties: Intensive Care, Coronary Care / Cardiothoracics, the Emergency Department, or Neurosurgery.

Two post-graduate papers (usually through Victoria University) are expected to be completed during the total two year rotation. After this participants are able to stay on for a third year in their final ward to consolidate their skills.

Up to six ICU nursing positions are appointed from the rotation over a two year period.
Positions are usually advertised from September each year.

More information can be found by downloading the Job Description (PDF format).

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