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The Wellington Intensive Care Medicine course uses these and other resources. Please see here for details.


These study notes & anaesthetic resources were developed by Dr.Adam Hollingworth.

They are of most use to introductory trainees of the Australian & New College of Anaesthetists but have a large overlap with the syllabus for the College of Intensive Care Medicine's Primary Exam. As such, they are made available here as a resource for ICM trainees also.

All files are presented in Adobe PDF format.

Please click on the arrows below to view or download the appropriate files.
Adam Hollingworth

Adam has also created two websites that provide even more resources for the junior anaesthetic/intensive care medicine trainee. These are linked to below.

These resources are provided as a free educational aid for others studying for under & postgraduate exams & are provided without guarantee or liability.

More information about the Crisis Handbook can be found at Adam’s website (click on graphic below for link). Resources include the evidence base behind the content and simulated videos demonstrating the handbook in use.

Anaesthetic Crisis Handbook

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If any factual errors are found in any exam resource, please contact me from the footer below.

Please note that medicine is an evolving science and that current guidelines or therapy will change over time. It is always up to individual clinicians to interpret any information presented above in the context of current best practice.

Please distribute this link if you find these files useful.

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These and many other resources are used for teaching on the Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course

The Wellington Intensive Care Medicine Course